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What People Are Saying

“The Peter Pipers picked pickle and pulled pork pizza (try saying that after a tequila colada!) was amazing”

Birmingham Living Magazine

“Once you’ve finished Oo-ing and ahh-ing over the burger itself the pulled pork hits you, soft and melt-in-the-mouth with a different a level of flavour and intensity altogether”

Daron Billings, Brum Notes

“I love this place! Cool decor and music”

Little One Wants (Trip Advisor)

“The freshly made, stone baked pizzas were definitely the stars of the show. I got to try a few different varieties and they were all delicious and featured some refreshing topping combinations.”

Oliver M. Yelp

“This place makes me excited about Digbeth... #clever #original #watchthisspace #inspirationalgang”

Dominika Zientek

"Hearing all about the brand new @AlfieBirds soon to open at the @custardfactory next month. its going to be awsome."


"Looks like I wont go anywhere else apart from here. Looks great and superb lineups too!"


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Check out our brand new, delicious, nutritious, fresh, hearty,
lip smackingly flavoursome, delightfully tasty, yummy,
scrummy & Brummie menu!

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